Fishing in Hornsjöarna

Horred, Kungsbacka

Hornsjöarna Fishing Association (Hornsjöarnas Fiskevårdsförening) covers the lakes Stora Hornsjön, Lilla Hornsjön, Gösjön, Hornån, Stora Navsjön, Barksjön, Mjösjön, Gärdessjön and Sälen.

Stora Hornsjön is the lake where most recreational fishing takes place. Stora Hornsjön is almost 50 metres deep and has at least 14 fish species.

Fishing permit

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Fishing permits are also sold at Kungsbacka Tourist Information Centre, Stättared farm and Bilisten petrol station in Horred.

The fishing permit allows line fishing and trolling in all these lakes.

Please note that carp are a fully protected species. 


From Kungsbacka, take the E6 south towards Frillesås. Exit at Frillesås and follow signs to Stättared.