Näsbokrok Nature reserve

On the peninsula Ölmanäshalvön's south western tip is Näsbokrok nature reserve.

It has the typical coastal landscape which is so common in Halland with heather meadows, flat rocks and rubble-stone fields.

In the marshy parts there is a great variety of plants. At the very tip there are 8 cairns from the Bronze Age (1500 - 500 B.C.), of which the largest is 20 metre in diameter and 3 metres tall.

Contact information

43953 Åsa
Phone: +46-102243000



20 km south of Kungsbacka. From the town centre, drive south on Varbergsvägen (road 939/the old E6) towards Åsa (alternatively E6 exit 58, and on towards Åsa). Just before Åsa, turn right at the sign "Hästholmen". Continue another 3 km on that road and turn left at the sign "Naturreservat 900 m".