Li gravefield

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Li gravefield at Fjärås Bräcka is Halland’s largest from the Iron Age. The stones have been, at one point, twice as many in number, but quite a few disappeared when the area was used for collecting gravel.

Li gravefield, which was also previously known as Stena gravefield and/or Fjärås Bräcka grave-field, is from the more recent Iron age/Viking era and it is situated on the Fjärås Bräcka western slope.

In the gravefield, there are approximately 160 ancient remains, among which are four burial mounds, 24 round stone circles, seven oval/ship-formed stone circles as well as 127 raised stones. The tallest stone, called King Frode’s stone, is 4,7 meters tall and is situated at the edge of the road.

The gravefield has been investigated a number of times with the most interesting investigation made by the research assistant Åke Fredsjö (1913–78), when he carried out an investigation of the flatland graves that were marked by stones.

It was believed that the graves originated from the Stone Age/Bronze age, but half of a mouthpiece made of iron and bronze was found in one of the graves which could be dated to the Viking era. Other objects were also found that were made of earthenware, clumps of bronze, and unfinished rock crystals. A few iron objects, melted pieces of a glass container and a number of other items were also found.

When King Karl XV visited the site in1865, he is to have said, "Noble blood has flowed here; it behoves us to honour it!” which lead to the end of the removal of gravestones for building materials as well as the raising of several other gravestones, including King Frode’s stone.

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