In the inner city and adjacent, there are over a thousand parking places.


A parking disc is necessary at those places where signs are posted in the inner city of Kungsbacka. With a parking disc, which could be bought at the Tourist Center, it is free of charge to park your car for up to two hours.

The posted signs show where a parking disc is necessary between Vallgatan-Nygatan and Västergatan-Östergatan. Any type of parking disc is suitable for use. If you do not have a parking disc, it is equally suitable to write the time of your arrival on a sheet of paper and place it on your dashboard, inside the window of your car. 

General time limits

If not otherwise specially prescribed, vehicles may be parked in parking spaces, roads or streets, or other public locations on weekdays, excepting days before Sundays and holidays, for 24 hours at the most.

If a public parking place is equipped with a parking ticket machine, a fee must be paid according to the rate indicated. The parking time paid for is indicated on the parking ticket.

Parking tickets

Parking tickets must be placed/attached to the front window in such a way that it is readable from outside. Fees paid do not entail a right to a parking space before the vehicle is parked in the space or after the vehicle has been removed from it. The same parking ticket is valid, however, for all public parking spaces in the inner city provided that the correct fee has been paid.


There are several different ways to pay. You can always pay with coins, and with credit cards as well at several machines.

Using your mobile phone, you can easily extend your parking wherever you are. Then you won’t need to worry about your parking time running out. In all our parking areas, you can pay for your parking via three mobile payment services: EasyPark, E-Parkera and SMS Park.

Parking violations

If you receive a parking violation (parking fine) on a street or square, you must pay it to the Swedish Transport Agency. You have eight days from the date the violation was printed out.

If you are improperly parked on land set aside for construction, it is called a check charge.

Long-term parking

At the long-term parking facility at Resecentrum Syd, you can park for up to seven days. The parking is subject to a charge of five SEK per hour, or 20 SEK per 24 hours.

In residential parking marked with an “L” sign (for long-term parking), you have the possibility of parking for up to 14 days at a stretch, if not otherwise indicated.