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Hallandsleden - Hiking Trail

The Hallandsleden trail links up with the Skåneleden trail to the south and Bohusleden to the north. As it wends its way through Halland, the trail divides into an eastern and a western branch at Simlångsgården. The two routes then converge again at Åkulla. From Varberg, you can follow the E1 European long distance path and join the rest of the Hallandsleden trail just before Åkulla.

The countryside is constantly changing. One moment you will be walking through deep forest before emerging into an open landscape with pastures and small red cottages. The Hallandsleden trail follows ancient paths with plenty of traces from the past such as ancient monuments and historic buildings. Many of the sights have information signs.

The entire route is about 360 km long and the trail is divided into 25 stages. The entire Hallandsleden trail is covered by three map sheets. The maps are only with text in Swedish.

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Maps and further descriptions can be bought at Kungsbacka Tourist Center.